The Prosper Valley School is a small, high-quality, high-performing elementary school located in Pomfret, Vermont.  Educating students in grades K though 6, the school has strong community support and maintains a wide variety of community connections.  Small classes and expert, caring teachers ensure that every child is given individual attention.  We provide many opportunities for parents to be involved in the school, and many do so.  The beautiful building and campus, which includes the Horizons Observatory, a sugar house, nature trails, playgrounds and an athletic field, provide an idyllic but real setting for diverse educational experiences.  Field trips and authentic learning are the heart of our programs.  In addition to the campus itself, we are fortunate to have a wealth of resources at our doorstep.  For example, we are just down the road from the Billings Farm & Museum and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, both of which we use frequently.  In the other direction, we have the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, which is a great resource for our older students.  Our school motto, Challenging the Mind, Encouraging the Heart, aptly captures the spirit and goals of The Prosper Valley School, and they are words that we live by.

We are a learning laboratory

  • We believe children learn best through hands-on inquiry, exploration, experimentation, and play.
  • We encourage children’s innate curiosity and sense of wonder. 
  • We equip students with problem-solving dispositions.  We encourage a growth mindset, grit, and keen critical and creative thinking skills that students apply across subject areas, in social situations and out in the world at large.
  • TPVS students learn the essentials of teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.
  • TPVS students are confident in the face of challenge and they persevere in the face of failure.

We personalize learning

  • We see, celebrate, and nurture each child’s strengths and uniqueness. 
  • We constantly differentiate instruction, taking into account students’ academic strengths and weaknesses, their interests, and what motivates each child to succeed. 
  • We actively support the whole child, teaching students to recognize, value, and tend to their social, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. 

We are ethical leaders

  • We are a warm and welcoming community.  We give students the experience of living in a kind, just, and inclusive world here at TPVS.
  • We emphasize the values of moral courage and integrity. We speak and stand up when something isn’t fair or kind, especially when this isn’t the easiest or most popular thing to do. 
  • TPVS students learn to think beyond themselves, with care, compassion and responsibility toward each other, the environment and others in our world.  
  • We prize student leadership.  Our children’s voices are heard and they know that their actions matter. 

The world is our classroom

  • We value place-based learning on our school’s magnificent 38-acre property including a sugar house, greenhouse, gardens, observatory, ice skating rink, and trail system. 
  • We afford students enduring experiences—out in the world and built into units of study in school—that lend depth and breadth to learning. 
  • We enrich the student experience with field studies to VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences), Marsh-Billlings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, The Montshire Museum of Science, the Appalachian Trail, MIT in Cambridge MA, and Nature’s Classroom in Ocean Park, ME. 
  • TPVS students explore and learn about the world so that they are equipped to change the world for the better.